While You Were Sleeping


Tadi malem akyu nonton film ini utk yg ke-1000 kalinya (ok, sounds hyperbolic…!).

And it happened again. Tiap kali nonton film ini, i can’t help to cry pas adegan Lucy dilamar ama Jack….uuuh, so damn romantic!!And Peter, uuuh, so damn handsome, but a bit tulalit somehow…

Quoted from the movie:

“I guess you might say,  he gave me the world”…

Ampyuuun, DJ….romantis bangeeeettt!!

Pokoknya ini film bener2 pas utk mengisi malem hari, sendirian di kamar, siap2 bobo, pas lg di CPU, trus bentar lg mau off…jadi makin pol2an kangennya ma si Hunny 🙂


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