Change for good!

Something nice happen to my life…Seneng bgt akan hal baru ini…Still not the perfect time to share it with lots of people, eventhough I really really want to  shout out loud to everyone 🙂 *narsisus beratzus*

Anyway, this magical thing who brings such joy and happiness to me and Hunny’s life contribute to so many changes…

One big change soon will be on my career…we’ll see in the next few days or weeks (hopefully not months!) what will be the new career for me.

I feel a bit doubt on what will be the new career…will I return to the previous position 😦 or other new position?… 

Well, just let it be…I’ve prayed for the best thing to happen to my life, and I’ve got the answer at the unpredicted time…I believe that I always walk on His perfect plan….Thank you Jesus!



  1. alien na70 says:

    mama’… apaan seeeeh???? waktu itu kan belom sempet ketemu????

    perubahan yang bikin penasaran ;P

  2. Lo hamil???

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