Dear Bos….Thanks and GBU!

A nice thing happen to me just now… My bos came to my office, he was asking about my situation…I told him that until now, still no clear status for me…He also asked ’bout how old my pregnancy…it’s 4 months already…so, meaning that max 2 more months you can spend your time here…betul, Pak, kalo udah di atas 6 bln, dah bahaya kan naik flying transportation means, plane or chopper….well, actually, if the mother and baby condition ok, it can be max to 7-8 months, but not for regular travelling by chopper or plane….

He encouraged me by saying “Informally, you’ve told me ’bout your pregnancy at early stage, which was enough for me. You also had discussed the situation to HR. I appreciated what you’ve done. I’ve managed to discuss with HR regarding your situation, personally, I prefered to get the clear status for you as early as possible, anything for your convenient.” (*huhuhu…baiknya bos ku ini….!)

Kesempatan curhat ini ga aku sia2in….Aku bilang, aku prefer utk dpt replacement dulu sebelum aku ninggalin CPU, tp tampaknya stuck utk cari penggantiku….And you know what, dia bilang “You’ve done your part nicely. Now it’s in management responsibility, no longer in your hand”…Yeah, but I fell bad leaving CPU with no replacement in my position…”I really appreciate your willingness and your profesionalism, but let me tell you, it’s no longer your responsibility. Just think about you and your baby…Organization can manage itself…If no replacement for you until the time you must be transferred to BPN, it will not make CPU collapse. Same here with me, if I died tonight, CPU still can manage to operate safely. So, let the organization takes care itself, you don’t have to fell bad. Really, I appreciate your willingness.”

(*huhuhu….berkaca2 akyu, sambil bilang thank you….)  

Pak bos ngelanjutin “Enjoy your pregnancy ya, Ibu Marina, 4 to 6 months is the best moment in pregnancy, later than 6 months, you’ll easily get tired since you’ll carry heavier thing inside…hehehe…Anyway, I will also give my effort to support you, I will send e-mails beside regular communication to people involve in your situation. Meanwhile, you to please also have a close communication with HR, and ask your doctor to provide you with medical certificate to justify max time you can spend here in this remote area…Ok, Ibu Marina…”

(*again….berkaca2 MODE ON…thank you, Pak…..)

I’m so gratefull for my bos, may God bless him and his family…it was really a nice thing yg terjadi hari ini….

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