Perfect Plan in Life

Kemaren sore aku dapet gosip soal perubahan career due to my pregnancy…kinda not favorable in my point of view…agak ilfeel dengernya. But, anyway, it’s just rumour, ga tau bener apa ngga, so better to stay calm and wait for the decision…

Barusan pagi ini, seseorang spesial bgt nelfon ngasitau soal gosip yg sama…huhuhu…tampaknya beneran nih….hiks!

Susahnya jd kroco mumet 😦

Ok, Yin, stay positive…whatever happen in your life, it’s all in His plan…and His plan will always be perfect. Secara manusia, jalan yg harus dilewati ngga selamanya mulus, tp itu pasti membawa kebaikan…Just give all your doubt in Him and let Him do the rest, just follow His plan.

Just think about dede…huhuhu…mommy sedang galau 😦


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