Confirmation on my transfer

Just now I received a phone call from my HR reps related with my transfer to BPN office. It’s finally decided that I will return to my previous position at ENG division until my maternity leave…just for this short period only. Afterward, I will return to FO division to work on some operational related business. It will be discussed further later on.

Well, at least it’s all settled. It’s all for dede’s happiness. Mommy not care too much ‘bout this assignment, just as long as dede has a more healthier environment…no more on chopper in biweekly basis, no more working near hydrocarbon source, no more working 12 hours in a day…Dede is worth too much to these kind of environment…

So, 1 April 2009 will be my 1st working day in BPN office…Tomorrow will be my last 2 weeks rotation at CPU…May God bless this planning…



  1. tukang minyak says:

    Congratz ya mbakmayin 🙂 balik lagi ke bpp
    keep posting and ciao……

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