Dede 6 months

On Fri, 20 Mar 2009, me and Hunny (feat. Lovely dede) went to RSPB to have monthly pregnancy consultation session. The session was previously scheduled for 27 Mar 2009, but since Hunny and I planned a babymoon vacation on 21 Mar 2009, so we decided to reschedule a week ahead.

Dede actively dancing…hehehe…as always! He is 550 gr, forgot to ask his body length…Dr. Bisma said for 24w baby, he is a bit small…Well, he’s not yet 24w, Dok…still 1 week to go for 24w. For a 23w baby, he’s normal…not too small and not too big…

Mommy’s body weight was increase 1 kg…Dr. Bisma mentioned to get 2 kg per month…He suggested me to eat some sweet food…ice cream for example….yummy!!!

We asked Dr. Bisma ’bout taking airplane…no problem he said…good, babymoon…we’re coming!

Next session will be on Fri, 17 Apr 2009. Dr. Bisma asked me to get blood test prior the session. Can’t wait for the next intip session of Dede…

Dear Dede, ayoooo…kmu mamam yg banyak yaaa….biar ngga cuma Mama yg ndut, kmu jg montoks….cup cup waw wawww…!!!

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