Dede 7 months

Baru aja pulang dr RSPB for monthly consultation on our Lovely Dede’s condition. Confirm it’s a baby boy!:)

He is now 27w2d, 1 kg weight and 35cm length (from head to bottom)…Dr. Bisma mentioned that he’s healthy…posisi kepala udah di bawah, which is good and will support Mommy’s wish to have a normal delivery…air ketuban ok…berat badan sesuai…jantung and all the kleps ok…

Like last month, Dede moves actively…hehehe…so cute!

Lab result showed no negative indication, all normal and good…

Several points highlighted by Dr. Bisma:

1. Mommy needs to drink more mineral water

2. Mommy needs to start join the senam hamil

3. Mommy is not allowed to drive a car after 8 months of pregnancy

Mommy already gained 4 kg weight since last month….Mommy’s tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday….Whatever deh, it’s all for Dede’s 🙂

Next intip session of Dede will be on 13 May 2009. Keep on dancing you, Dede…


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