Thanks GOD it’s over…

This morning I woke up, feeling so much better…have breakfast and morning check on my condition: blood pressure, pulse, body temperature…all normal. Dede condition was monitored also using CTG machine. The contraction reduced a lot compared to yesterday…so relieved!

Dimandiin Unyie (tepatnya cm mandi pake washlap sih…hehehe!), lumayan seger jadinya. Lanjut leha2 aja di kamar…SMS ke Made ngasih tau ngga dtg senam hamil soalnya lg kos di RSPB ;P Wah, Dr. Damer and para bumils yg senam jd ikut heboh…

Jam 11an, Dr. Bisma visit my room. He asked ’bout the baby movements and contraction, I mentioned that I felt everything already went normal…Dede actively move but I feel no more contraction, my tummy felt normal…To have more accurate result, Dr. Bisma asked the nurse to perform CTG one more time at longer duration (20 minutes), and if it’s confirmed no more contraction, I can be released…Infus jg udah bs dilepas…

At 1 PM, after finish my lunch (again, disuapin Unyie), I had the CTG. Yes, Dede heart pulse normal, no contraction….pfiiuuhhh!!Lega bangeeett…

Akhirnya, kita boleh pulang ya, De…Nanti kita konsultasi lg ke Dr. Bisma hari Jumat dpn, tgl 12 Juni…

Sehat teyus ya, De…Papah and Mamah love you so much!!

Thank you, Jesus, for your blessing…to me and my Precious Dede…


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