what a day

Mon, 25 Oct 2010

Electricity went off at my housing complex started at 09h00 AM…this is due to the planning of PLN to supply 450 watt electricity by 27 Oct 2010. Our family decided not to join this program and keep using the electricity from developer.

Apparently, during the preparation, developer switch off the existing connection as it will be used by PLN…it made my house got no electric source…damn!

I just knew this at night…it’s already 09h00 PM and Nathan already sleep. At 11h00 PM, I switched off my genset ‘coz I want to sleep…Man, it’s so hot…Nathan got cranky so I had to fan him all night long…

At 04h00 AM the next day, raining outside…so I can sleep until morning since I don’t need to fan Nathan…

Papa complained the developer, so did I…but still, until 04h00 PM, no one came to my house to fix the problem…So, I decided to stay at the hotel…need to sleep a lot!!

Nathan extremely happy at the time we arrived at the Adika bahtera Hotel…quite cheap price for a junior suite room…as for me, I can sleep really really well until morning 🙂

We’ll see what happen today…I’ve just called my neighbour asking the condition of my house and she said that my house still dark last night 😦

Man, here in Indonesia especially in a city called Balikpapan and Bhumi Nirwana Indah housing complex in particular…developer naver fulfills consumen right…really really dissapointed on this issue and many more…too long to be described!

I think I need to check in another hotel today…hmm, just to keep Nathan’s mood…so he will feel that this is holiday…hehehe!

Tomorrow Papah will be here, hopefully everything already settled before his arrival, coz I know my husband…he will be really really mad at the developer…It’s not good for him and also for our family…I’m afraid that somebody will feel mad also and planning a kind of revenge…arrrgggghhhhh!!! To much Hollywood movie will freak you…

I just want everything run as usual…please God…help us!


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