Just realized it today…

Nathan is not picky eater…hell no! But, he’s a grown up toddler now…He refuses to be spoonfed…He wants to eat by himself…voila! 🙂


Nathan only consumed half of his avocado juice (for breakfast)…Struggling to drink Mommy’s expressed breast milk…continued with 1 bottle of Sustagen 1+ Vanilla…and only 2 spoons of his lunch (nasi lembek + opor ayam)…

I gave him chicken wings…he started to chewing it up, don’t wanna let go the bone 🙂

I fill his plate with honeystar and he pick it and full his mouth with…chew it nicely…good!

For dinner, I’ve told Mbak Atun to prepare fish and fries and just put it in his plate, let him pick it and place it directly in his mouth…

*cross fingers*

Hopefully this will be the end of his GTM period…

Ternyata, anak Mama pinter pengen ber-BLW (Baby Led Weaning) ria…hihihi…it’s about time ya, Sayang…

Post notes:

Nathan cm ngebejek2 fish and fries-nya…hikks!! Tp honeystar-nya abis…ditambahin susu sama Mbak Atun, tp cm dikit (60 ml) aja…malem, nenennya sangat berkurang…cm 3x saja…sebelum bobo (jam 20h00), mid nite dan jam 04h00…good for me, but I will be more delighted if the reduce of breastfeeding frequency is due to Nathan’s meal not by milk…hopefully, we will soon get there!


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