nathan and santa

Last weekend, Nathan accompanied by Papah and Mamah went to Total Christmas Celebration at Le Batakan…Nathan met Santa…and he hated Santa…hahaha…

Nathan barely had smile on his face during the celebration (at kids area)…and when Santa already away, Nathan put his big smile all over! 🙂

He went running and running (previously, he just wanted Mamah to carry him…).

Anyway, no cry…that’s a good thing! Afraid of Santa, yes, but no tears…good boy! Mamah so proud of you… 🙂

Owwh, thanks to Uncles and Aunties who really care for Nathan…hehehe…Nathan got not only 1 goody bag and 1 cup of ice cream…He got 3 goody bags and 3 cups of ice cream…hohoho!!!


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