The best is yet to come…

Dah semingguan ini gw ngerasa galau *halaaahhh*…so many worries keep playing in my mind…the cause? I’ve been wondering, why my son got speech delay…huhuhu…Kenapa oooh kenapa…

Curhat ke suami…dia take it nicely…for him, there are reasons why Nathan got speech delay, but, there is nothing wrong with him…he’ll catch up in time…but for sure, we need to keep more attention of this…we have to stimulate him more…reduce watching tv frequency…always talk to him, read him story, sing to him and other activities.

Yes, I know all his words are true…but still, what if…what if…what if… 😦

Call me weak as you wish…but this is the truth I have in mind…I need to express this somehow to get it out from my thought…

Las night a had a conversation with my friend “A”…she had her son also with speech delay…she shared the story…Her son “R” only able to say papa mama at the age of 18mos…she consulted with paeditrician and got encouragement to stimulate her son more often. Dah dicobain macem2 cara ngga ada kemajuan, akhirnya minta terapi. At the age of 2 years, R started the speech therapy. 3 times a week @ 1.5 hours. The first 1-2 months, no significant progress…then she took a break…at that moment, R started to say words…then the therapy continued for totally 4 months then stopped since A had to fly to Jkt to deliver her 2nd child. R is already super bawel…many times A got headache just to communicate with R coz R just won’t stop talking 😀

Banyak yg bilang A tll parno…memang skr inilah baru saatnya R bs ngomong…tp A bilang, klo dulu ga gw bawa terapi, gw ga tenang…nah skr gw malah pusiiiiiing ngeladenin R…hehehe

A cerita gmn terapinya…mereka masuk ke satu ruangan: R, A dan terapisnya…terapis dan A duduk berhadapan…A dijejelin flash card macem2 benda, profesi, buah, binatang, dll…sama terapisnya, kursi si R ditahan, A jagain di blkgnya biar R ga kemana2, klo berontak, hukumannya disilang tangannya biar ga nyaman…sometimes R bosen n nangis2 ga karuan….

It breaks my heart *ngebayangin Nathan nangis2 krn dipaksa belajar*

Another story…my friend M and her son D…D is now 2y 8mos old…still not able to talk…M wanted to take D to the same clinic as R but normally D wake up at 9AM while the therapy start at 8AM, so she chose to get a therapist to come to their house…The therapist is so busy that sometime he’s only able to come once a week…Anyway, I got the therapist phone number, just in case…

So, how’s Nathan…?

Gw dan Andre sepakat utk memasukkan Nathan ke playgroup berbahasa Indonesia…berharap Nathan akan catch up his speech ability, lebih termotivasi jg utk bawel…at the same time, kita bermaksud diskusi dgn terapis jg untuk nanya2 gmn metodanya dan kita coba terapkan sendiri di rumah.

Semoga cara ini berhasil…I know this will not be an instant process…it will take months to finally able to gain something…but one thing for sure…I know that Nathan will be able to catch up…We want to do anything we can to stimulate him…beside, I believe in the power of pray…I’ve asked HIM to help us…Now, we just wait and see while do all we can…I’ve wonder, maybe it’s His plan to test our faith in HIM…It’s another way of HIM to show His miracle…

Nathan is the best thing in our life…the best from HIM…so, don’t give up…put a high spirit…stimulate him over and over…and always pray!

The best is yet to come…

Someday, I will read again this posting, and I will smile…at that time, gw udah kewalahan ngeladenin kebawelan Nathan…amen! 🙂

Please help us, dear Jesus…


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