kisah ibu E

Got a very sad news this morning…

The daughter of Ibu E passed away… She was a young mommy with 2 kids, a girl and boy…

So sad… really sad…

Ibu E used to be my assistant back then when I were not yet a mom… She is a very strong woman… Her husband left her for another woman when she was pregnant (the one and only daughter she had passed away this morning)… She used to live in a good environment, but after her husband left her, she has to struggle for life, and finally become an assistance or what we call “house-maid”.

Her daughter got married at a very young age… She gave Ibu E two cute grand children… I think they are 6 and 4 years old by this time.

One of the thing I admire from Ibu E is that, she always put her faith above all… She’s a nice woman and God loves her very much…

I came to her house this morning, and she said “Mba Mayin, aku ndak punya anak lagiiiii!”… and we hug and cried together…

Please God, take a good care this wonderful family… Give Ibu E more and more strength to take care her grand children… Give her son in law love and more respect to Ibu E… and give hope to the family…

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